Are you feeling that quiet whisper of your internal knowing that is asking you to change?Angie Stegall Wayfinder

Have you lost your way?

Perhaps you want to rediscover yourself – the real you – that you know is buried somewhere deep down under all of society’s expectations, obligations, and “cultural norms?”

If you know (or even just feel) that life can be different – better even – are you listening?

The world is changing in ways we cannot even understand or predict.

This means it is time for you to be your own path maker!

My work as a Wayfinder means I get to help you find your way.

“When you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Have you heard the song “Little Boxes on the Hillside” by Malvina Reynolds? My Wayfinding work helps you escape the suffocating sameness that society wants for you and me.

Or it might not be so dramatic for you. It could simply be a knowing that something needs to change in your life.

Why not now? Calling the Courageous for Radical Wayfinding!

My Wayfinding helps you identify where that unrest lives. You’ll get in touch with your inner knowing. From there, you get to admit what you really, really want. Then and only then do you get to create a vision for your life and move into action. The Wayfinding journey of discovery helps you lay out the steps to get you there.

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