Updates from the Road: Week 1

By August 14, 2017 Adventure/Travel
Yukon's margarita flight

It’s time for an update from the road because it has been exactly one week since we officially hit the road full time. There’s been a lot of good, some bad, and a couple ugly things to report.

Part of the ugly is we made the decision to replace our front A/C unit in the coach that didn’t seem to be cooling well. It was 10 years old and we figured “better safe than sorry.”  That change out started a saga that still hasn’t been resolved…

Some really good was spending our first night at Lake Powhatan State Park just outside of Asheville.

It’s a nice little park, if a bit tight for our big 38′ Class A motorhome. The folks working there were great and we got a chuckle when one of the workamper volunteers handed us a paper with a bear warning while explaining that bears were very active in the campground.

“Twenty minutes ago a black bear was seen jumping up and down on top of the dumpster. He does that to collapse the top. He does it because it works.”

The weather was so nice at Powhatan that we opened up all the windows in the camper to enjoy the breezes. The dog and cat were confused but not overly anxious. Mr. Hobbes even went for a walk on his leash.

Other updates from the road

Leaving Tuesday morning, we motored to Gastonia, NC to stay for a few days with Yukon’s family and to visit Bean’s sister and brother-in-law. The pets love going to Yukon’s mom’s house and settled in fast. We continued to declutter and put things away. Took more stuff to Goodwill.

On our trip down to Gastonia, the A/C we just replaced crapped out. No cooling going on! So, we called the manufacturer, got an appointment to install a replacement A/C unit (under warranty) at Camper’s Inn RV in Kings Mountain. They got it done by Thursday morning and by the afternoon, we headed to Beaufort, SC to visit our friends Jay and Ellen. Some ugly: we did end up hitting a small branch that was hanging in the roadway on our way in to Beaufort, SC, which left a pretty ugly scratch all the way down the side of the coach. We think (!) it should buff out with a good waxing.

Beaufort, SC

While in Beaufort, we ran both A/Cs while we boondocked on our friends’ property. Stayed nice and cool. And the views were excellent (they live on a 60-acre property and the photo is of us driving the rig on the grassy airstrip).

Yukon's margarita flightDuring the visit we drove over to Hunting Island State Park, which turned out be crazy flooded from all the rain they’ve been having this summer. We still managed to have a very good time there!

Stoopid A/Cs

Motoring out Friday morning, we headed south to Tampa, Florida. Our SECOND (read: replacement) roof A/C crapped out again somewhere around Ocala. We’re scheduled for service Tuesday morning here in Tampa.

Thankfully we’ve managed to stay moderately cool using an oscillating fan to blow the cold air from the bedroom A/C to the front room. Thank goodness for that rear A/C!! We’ll keep you posted on the saga of the A/C.

Our other issue is the fridge doesn’t seem to be working properly. One section of the freezer is working, one section is cool, but the fridge itself…not so much. We’ve ordered a new residential fridge which we’ll install when we head back up to Gastonia, NC to pick up our pets before we head west for our first official working assignment.

While in Tampa, we’ve made the most of our time by visiting Honeymoon State Park and Nokomis Beach. We’ve done a LOT of swimming (both at the Lazydays RV Campground where we’ve staying and at the beaches).

We started our training at ID Plans this morning at 9:30 am and feel pretty good about the company and the work!

view from the desk Yukon and BeanNow we’re wrapping up the evening with Yukon cooking out on our little grill while I’m sharing this update.

Have a great week, everyone!



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  • Reply Tom Niemeier August 15, 2017 at 5:48 am

    So what brand is this A/C?

  • Reply Emily August 16, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    I’m so happy to stumble onto this blog! My family of five loves camping and I’ve just started writing about our adventures. It’s a “tiny” weekend life to be sure, but we are loving the clutter-free, schedule-free environment.

    • Reply Angie Stegall August 20, 2017 at 9:15 pm

      I’m so glad you’ve found this blog, too! We’ll keep sharing our adventures and will love hearing about yours.

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