Update from the Road: Week 3 – Decision Fatigue

By August 28, 2017 Adventure/Travel
view from the windshield

It’s time for another update from the road – week three. Let’s talk frankly about a term we are experiencing daily: decision fatigue.

view from the windshield

We first heard this term while listening to the RV Entrepreneur Podcast, hosted by Heath Padgett. As soon we heard him use this term, Yukon and I looked an each other and laughed. And our laugh was a mash up of a bit of hysteria, a lot of knowing, and an acknowledgement of our exhaustion.

Our last month or two has been nothing but making decisions – sometimes on the fly and under stress and other times with hours of internet research under our belts, still not knowing the “right” answer.

This transition to living in an RV has been harder than we ever expected. Decision fatigue comes from every direction because there’s been so much to learn: from how to use all of the different systems in the RV, to driving this 26,000 lbs. vehicle, to hooking up our tow car safely. Which roadside assistance program should we choose? What do we do if we need to see a doctor? How do we refill prescriptions? What about our mail? And just yesterday we added another element – we picked up our pets (they stayed at Yukon’s mom’s while we were in Florida sweating training) and they are feeling a bit of stress and confusion with this major life/location change.

installing the residential fridgeIn past updates, we’ve shared our difficulties with the motorhome’s front A/C (it turned out to be a not-obvious setting of the hertz on the generator), and recently replacing the refrigerator when it stopped cooling evenly. We installed a residential unit and are still trying to figure out why the solar is not working the fridge. See? Decision fatigue. One decision can open a can of worms that leads to half a dozen other questions which means more decisions need to be made.

We’re also learning a brand new job, which comes with a new whole new set of decisions and lessons, because some of what we will be doing seems to be a bit subjective. Plus, we’re learning a new piece of software, terminology, and processes.

And yet…even with the near-overwhelming decision fatigue, we’re noticing as we’re driving west towards Colorado for our first job, we are happy.

It is so much fun to be on the road, clicking down the highway, checking out the scenery (we saw two pigs in the brush on the side of the road in Tennessee yesterday), eye-balling other people’s rigs (big and small), enjoying beautiful sunsets through our enormous windshield, or just crawling into our own bed when we stop for the night at a rest area.

Hobbes the cat

Hobbes, clearly NOT feeling stressed here.

Yukon has felt his stress levels dip way down. He enjoys driving the rig, figuring out what’s what with the motorhome, and feeling the freedom of being on the road.

We hope things will settle out once we figure out the fridge and can start cooking healthy meals in the motorhome regularly. The pets will settle in and adapt to the new routine. We’re feeling confident about starting our first job independently this week in Colorado.

And, we heard a rumor we’re going to Northern California for our next assignment. Despite the fatigue that comes with so many decisions and changes, life is still very, very good on the road.

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