Updates from the Road: Week 2

By August 20, 2017 Adventure/Travel

RV living in the HEAT! Here’s an update from the road, week two.

We survived our first week of training at our new job with ID Plans, which consisted of two and a half days in the office learning the software and three days in the field learning the job from our trainers.  Super nice folks and very interesting/unique work.

Yukon and his new kitty friendRose Mary and Jerry, our in-the-field trainers, have worked for ID Plans for four years and travel in a converted Greyhound Bus. Their bus is awesome (unfortunately, we failed to get a photo of it). They also travel with their kitty and she really liked Nelson. Spending a few days around her made us miss our pets even more. We can’t wait to swing back up to NC to pick up our own.

Parking Lot Kings

The on-the-job training was our first time “boondocking” or “dry camping” with the rig in a parking lot situation. We fired up the generator and our (third!) new rooftop A/C and all was well…until the third A/C stopped working (did I mention we were in Jacksonville, FL, where the temps were 96 F each day and the heat index felt like 102F?). Good times! At least the bedroom rooftop A/C keeps us cool at night.

Being the troopers that we are, we soldiered on, learned a lot, and finished the job in about 2.5 days. It’s going to be an interesting life living in parking lots behind strip malls, grocery stores, and restaurants. This particular job had a number of restaurants and each day as we headed around the back of the complex, we’d see about two dozen black and turkey vultures scavenging the dumpsters. Each evening, about a dozen cats and kittens would come out of the woods to lay on the pavement (and were probably scavenging the rats).

Our life is going to be SO glamorous!!! HA!!!

Jacksonville FL to Tampa FL – Oh, the HEAT!

Because of the heat and the schedule with our teammates, Friday had us heading back down to Lazy Days RV Resort to cool our heels until Monday. Saturday we ran a bunch of errands, fixed a loose part on Bob (our yellow Tracker tow vehicle), checked out the nearby Hillsborough River State Park (for a future visit…in the winter, when it isn’t so damnably HOT), and bought some veggies from a local produce stand. Bean set up shop in the rec center to update months of Quickbooks while Yukon headed for some poolside R&R.

Sunday turned into a morning of organizing (we created a new pile of stuff to get rid of) and then we unashamedly spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool. It was glorious!

Sunday night is pizza night, so we scarfed some down at a local spot in Tampa (ABC Pizza – pretty good) and stumbled across some unexpected Tampa history at the enormous Sulpher Springs water tower (which has a dark history from the time of the Depression for suicides and is now rumored to be haunted)!

We just wrapped up getting our paperwork ready so we can hit the ground running with job #2 first thing Monday morning.

Oh, and Tuesday we’re scheduled to have the motorhome in for service again to see if we can figure out WHY the darned front A/C units keep dying. It’s a frustrating mystery right now. Cross your fingers for us that we get it solved SOON and permanently.


View from our RV campsite at the Lazy Days RV Resort. The weather might be HOT, but life ain’t so bad…

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