sleeping under the stars

Sleeping under the stars

By On August 21, 2015

When I lived in California (maaaany years ago), I got to attend Cowboy Camp. We learned how to herd horses, care for horses, rope cattle, and barrel race. The pinnacle of the… Read More

camping chair failure

What does “camping” mean to you?

By On August 19, 2015

A couple months ago, Nelson and I loaded up our camping gear and our doggies to head into the woods for a friend’s birthday celebration. This trip was a hybrid backpacking/car camping trip… Read More


A love letter to my Chaco sandals

By On August 4, 2015

To my beloved Chaco sandals: Our love-affair has been long  – it’s spanned years, road miles, river miles, and even a country mile or two. Brand new, you were the prettiest shade… Read More

want to be free? skip the toe dip

You have to be a little bit mad to be free

By On July 30, 2015

“You have to be a little bit mad to be free.” – Mooji Nelson and I have been on our downsizing adventure for several months now. Mostly, people’s reactions include excitement, wonder,… Read More


Make time for yourself

By On May 14, 2015

On Monday, I dropped Yukon off in the middle of Shining Rock Wilderness for a 4-day solo backpacking trip on the Art Loeb Trail.  This was his long-overdue “make time for yourself” adventure. He… Read More

Getting Started

10 lessons learned after a month of living like minimalists

By On April 27, 2015

Oh, the things you discover after a month of living like minimalists! In case you’re new here, my husband and I sold most everything we owned in order to move full-time into… Read More

Getting Started

One step closer to the tiny living lifestyle

By On March 27, 2015

Tomorrow is one step (and only five days remaining) to bring us closer to our tiny living lifestyle. Tomorrow is garage sale #2 – the final one. We’ve moved most everything into the… Read More

declutter your home
Getting Started

Declutter your home

By On March 5, 2015

Are you one of the many people out there who wants to declutter your home? After four years and two moves, Nelson and I have learned thing a thing or two about… Read More

5th wheel
Getting Started

Tiny living lifestyle

By On February 16, 2015

We’re about to embark on the tiny living lifestyle with the purchase of our 2005 Forest River 5th wheel. We debated going smaller or trying to build a yurt or a more “traditional”… Read More

asking hard questions

Asking hard questions about life

By On February 5, 2015

  We’ve started asking a LOT of hard questions questions about life around our house these days. Why do we have so much stuff? Why do we have 14 t-shirts when we… Read More