Update from the Road: Week 4 – It’s never boring

By September 4, 2017 Adventure/Travel
Yukon smelling the flowers

Yukon smelling the flowers

It is hard to believe it’s been a whole month that we’ve been full-timing. Here are two things we’ve learned: life is never boring on the road and you gotta be persistent in figuring stuff out.

Seriously, here’s all the stuff we’ve been dealing with (on the coach and in life). It is worth saying, we got a GREAT coach, used but well-maintained. AND, stuff goes wrong, wonky, and sideways when you’re living life on the road, mostly in parking lots.

  1. The air conditioner saga. This is one hot, but not boring, ongoing topic. We think (finally) with this fourth A/C, we’re golden. The tune up to the geni and adjusting the hertz seems to have done the trick. Solved our problem until….Thursday last week when we came back to the coach and it was warm. Too warm.  We realize the freaking front A/C has quit. AGAIN. We both resist the urge to curl up into a ball and cry. Yukon goes up on the roof and pulls the cover off. What does he see on this 103 degree day? ICE. Yep. The darn thing has FROZEN. We turn off the unit. He starts calling around for a mobile A/C repairmen, calls Lazy Days in Denver (since two of the four A/Cs were replaced at Lazy Days Tampa). Gets nowhere. I get on google and we talk about possible fixes. After a couple days of trying things, we discover that keeping the big vent open on the A/C (instead of letting the system force air through the ceiling ducts) allows enough airflow for the system to operate properly. No more freezing. A/C working fine. That was problem-solving at its best. See? Never boring.
  2. Solar confusion. Yukon installed solar to run lights and small appliances and, mainly, our fridge. He knows a lot about electricity and watched a ton of videos to learn how to properly install everything. Except, he hasn’t been able to get it to work AT ALL. Over the weekend, he got in touch with Windy Nation (who we bought the solar package from) and they were super about helping him trace everything. It all checked out. They are suspicious that the inverter is damaged, so they are sending us a new one. Fingers crossed that this is the issue, because once cooler temps get here and we don’t need the generator to run the A/C, we hope hope the solar will be enough to keep things a lot quieter and running our fridge with the help of the sun. And lots of batteries.
  3. The Geni repeatedly shutting down. We decided to take a day off and go exploring Sunday. Road-tripped over to Boulder, through Eldorata Canyon, Golden Gates Canyon State Park, and the town of Golden, Colorado (the Coors facility is HUGE).  We had a great day seeing a beautiful slice of this state. However, upon returning to the coach, Yukon gets out the car and says very calmly “The generator isn’t running.” Meaning, depending on how long the geni has been off, our pets might be in danger and our fridge isn’t running. We dash inside. It’s warm, but nowhere near unbearable or dangerous. WHEW! We figure maybe one the pets accidentally hit the generator power button? We restart the geni and it fires up just fine. Ten minutes later, it shuts down again. We avoid curling up in a ball and weeping. Again. I pull out the manual and Yukon checks the geni itself. We’d just had the thing completely serviced when we were in Tampa last week, but Nelson checked all the fluids and they were A-okay. After reading the manual, we figured out via a code that the geni was overheating. It has been HOT HOT HOT here in Aurora. So, we put a fan on one our Goal Zero Sherpa portable bricks and sweat a little for an hour while the geni cools down. We start it up again and only turn on one A/C. Seems okay…until Bean is awoken from a dead sleep at 4:45 am by a “click click click” sound and then the sound of everything turning off. The geni died AGAIN! We pull the manuals back out, look for codes to flash in some complicated pattern. Yukon tries to start the coach…more click, click, clicking. Our batteries are dead.
  4. Dead batteries on the coach at 4:45 am. *Sigh* We dig through the service records from the previous owner of the coach. He notes he replaced the chassis batteries in early 2014, which means these batteries are really OLD. And with the extreme heat from yesterday plus the geni running hot plus running two A/Cs to keep up moderately cool, the batteries gave up the ghost.  So, we opened all the windows, went back to sleep in the cool 60 degree weather and made an early morning run to O’Reilly Auto Parts. Two new batteries and we are back in business today!
  5. Random weird stuff. Between driving through Missouri and having our tachometer start jumping around, to driving through St. Louis, whose HORRIBLE roads actually bounced our ABS light on, to now our TOAD car Bob having a sticky driver-side window…it’s always something. Oh, and then there’s cranky lady in the neighborhood just behind our current job – instead of coming and knocking on our coach door and asking us to move, she stewed for five days and ended up squirting the roof and side our coach with her hose once an hour to get our attention. Bean though it was neighbor kids being obnoxious. The third time it happened Friday morning, Bean went out and shouted,”Hey can you knock that off?” Immediately, the lady poked her head over the fence, poked her finger at Bean and said (not nicely), “I’ve been listening to your generator for five days. It smells, it’s loud, and YOU NEED TO MOVE!” And of course we did, because it was never our intention to disturb anyone. If she’d come over at any point to tell us that, we’d have obligingly moved. And it was a good lesson – we’ll be more deliberate about not parking near houses, even if they are way up a hill, past trees, and separated by fencing and shrubs. We are a big rig, running a generator, and emitting exhaust. #lessonlearnedbutshecouldhavebeenniceraboutit
  6. We’re dealing with a big orange cat who enjoys late-night walks on his harness and leash. But this also means he’s discovered the door to freedom and he made a mad dash this morning into the parking lot before we captured him tucked up under a parked delivery truck. #noharnessfreedombaby You can view a nighttime video of one of his walks on our Facebook page.
  7. Some bad news is the wildfire smoke is getting really bad here. The good news is the hot temps are leaving us and it’s supposed to be a glorious, if smoky, 70 degrees tomorrow. Hooray!

It’s never boring!

We really want to share good things (because overall, things are good…really!) like learning a new job and how to have patience while you’re learning and doing said job with your spouse, but maybe there’ll be room for that discussion next week.

See? Life is NEVER boring on the road. Until next time, have less. Live MORE!








Hobbes the cat

PS: We’ve had a number of folks ask about Hobbes’ walking harness. This one is the Kitty Holster Cat Harness and is the only one he hasn’t been able to get out of.

PPS: If you click any of the links in this post and buy the product, we’ll receive a small commission through our Amazon Associates account. Thanks for your support!

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  • Reply Paula and George September 5, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    Met you guys at the Lazy Days bar a few weeks back while you were having your air conditioner worked on. Paula and I enjoy reading your blog. Purchased one of the books you mentioned about boomers dealing with their parents accumulation of stuff by the estate lady from Charlotte. Looking forward to week 5. Safe travels. George and Paula

    • Reply Angie Stegall September 11, 2017 at 5:52 pm

      YES! We absolutely remember meeting you at Lazy Days Tampa. So great to hear from you. I’m glad my friend Julie Hall was a resource for you to help with downsizing. Glad to have you both on this journey with us.

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