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By February 14, 2018 Getting Started
Angie and Nelson Stegall aka Yukon and Bean

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months here in Yukon & Bean land. In January, we quit the job that took us out on the road last year. That had us staring at each other, both thinking, “What the hell do we do now?” So, we started dreaming.


Nelson took some remodeling projects. I took some systems and process work.

While our coach was getting six new injectors and our car was getting new U-joints, motor mounts, and transmission mounts, we’ve lived with Nelson’s mom.

Is it what we want to do, love to do, have a true passion for doing?


But sometimes ya’s do’s what ya have to do.

However, this “down time” has had some big benefits.

  • We’ve had time to rest.
  • We’ve had time to dream.
  • We’ve had time to plan.
  • We’ve had time to put some important pieces in motion.
  • And we’ve had time to begin to rebuild our savings.

The dreaming time has been the most important thing.

We see SO clearly what we want – to be traveling the country in our motorhome with our pets. Angie Stegall speaking to WWBC Conference June 2017I’m Wayfinding, writing, and speaking to groups about personal transitions, walking your own path, and living life however you decide.

Nelson is taking photos and selling them as fine art, blogging about adventures, and one other thing I’m not allowed to mention (yet.)

Nelson Stegall PhotographyThis downtime has allowed us to really get clear on the dream. To visualize it. To talk about it in great detail. To get a website built for Nelson (it’s almost ready!). And to invest in additional training and a certification for me.

Are we there yet? NOPE.

Are we closer? YES – closer than ever.

Will there be setbacks? Always.

But we won’t let them stop us from dreaming and doing.

You might be scratching your head and thinking, “Well dang, it looks like they are living the dream…?” And maybe we are in some ways. But/and, there’s more we want to do, be, and have. More planning is required. Great persistence is called for. And faith. Faith that we can have what we want. Faith that we have the hustle and gumption to get it. And faith that the life we want is waiting for us, just around the next bend.

Gentle reader – what dream are you holding close? What steps can you take to get there? Go!

(c) Nelson Stegall Photography

(c) Nelson Stegall Photography

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