Angie Mattson Stegall You’re ready to make a change…or a complete U-turn in your life.

And…maybe you’re not sure where to start. And maybe you don’t want to do it alone.

The thing I’m best at is guiding you to discover where and why you are stuck.

I hear what you aren’t saying out loud. I see into your heart. And together we create a safe space for you to admit what you want.

You might be coming to me because you think you don’t know what you want. You’re struggling with disorganization. Or a lack of focus. Or feeling lost.

I’m here to tell you these things are SYMPTOMS of a larger issue.

My gift is helping you uncover that larger issue…shining a light on it so we can dig into it, dismantle it, and create something new and better that serves you as a whole person with dreams and goals and secret wishes.

You must be ready and willing to be honest with me. And when you’re ready to move into action, I’m the best kick-in-the-ass, make some room, “get the hell out of my way, I’m doing BIG STUFF” Empower-er you will ever find.

I  believe you can purposefully and deliberately create the life you want.

Coaching with me, you’ll get clear on what you want and together we’ll create action steps (often, teeny-tiny baby steps) for you to follow to get there. I’m masterful at helping you identify the plan and I’m compassionately hard-assed enough to ask you to follow through with it.

If you’re ready to get out of your own way, let’s get started.

STEP ONE: Know that I work with mostly with individuals, all via telephone or Zoom (similar to Skype, but less annoying). The in-person work I do is a Deep Dive One-day Intensive or with small business/corporate teams.

STEP TWO: Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Clarity Session with me to see if we are a good match. We’ll have a conversation about your needs, goals, and desires. It’s important for both of us to know where you are now and what you want for your professional and personal life.

During our Clarity Session, I want to know who you are, what lights you up, what scares you, and how you feel stuck. I insist on getting to the heart of things early on in our conversations. I can be very direct and often ask questions that startle my clients. My style is very intuitive and personal.

STEP THREE: Make a decision. How bad do you want it? What does your gut say about working with me? It’s also important for you to know I’ll be asking and answering the same questions about you.

Options for us to work together include:

  1. Support into Action Calls (Monthly) – You and I will talk once a month. This is your opportunity to bring one or two specific issues to the session for discussion. With these single monthly sessions, you’re already in action and want clarity, conversation, and the opportunity to think “out-of-the-box” each month.
  2. Focus + Action Calls (Every other week) – Here’s where the BIG magic happens. During our first 90-minute session, we’ll dive deep into your vision, strategy, skillset, mindset, and energy. We’ll craft a plan that makes your veins hum and lights you up like fireworks. Then it’s time for action and every-other-week support from me. This is where some compassionate ass-kicking might come into play. Just sayin’.

 A few things clients have said about how working with me very specifically helped them:

I think the GREATEST benefit your coaching services provide is the SPEED at which you help people go from where they are, to where they WANT to be.”

You help me create plans, break them down into executable steps, and assign responsibilities and due dates.”

Angie, you’re like a bazooka that explodes walls!”

You help me keep focus, reduce distractions, and prioritize.”

The first step is to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Clarity Session with me to see if we are a good match.

We’ll have a conversation about your vision, wants, needs, and goals. Then we’ll determine if I’m the person to help you achieve those things.

Can’t wait to speak with you!

Angie Stegall




P.S. We can talk by phone, Skype, video conference with Zoom – whatever works for you and your situation.

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