How do you change your life?

By August 8, 2017 Adventure/Travel, Getting Started
Monaco Cayman Class A motorhome

“How do you change your life?” It’s a question A LOT of people ask, ponder, and wish for.

Our answer? Pay attention. And do things one step at a time.

If you haven’t already heard, life has recently asked for some BIG changes from us!

Here’s the biggest change in our life: we’ve sold most of what we own and are hitting the road in a Monaco Cayman 37′ Class A motorhome.

Monaco Cayman Class A motorhome

We call our new rig “Gru” (you know … from the movie Despicable Me).

Let’s go backward to how all this started…

In the fall of 2016, we found out we wouldn’t be able to keep parking our 5th wheel on our friend’s farm.  A big bummer, but not completely unexpected.

We’d already started searching for a piece of property in anticipation of wanting to have our place to call home permanently. After months of looking, nothing fit our parameters (at least in the price range we were in).

national park road trip map

Sometime in October, there was a very tearful, angst-ridden evening at our house. To be blunt about it, Bean lost her shit. There’s a lot of backstory that we won’t go into here, but a culmination of events, frustrations, and failures, plus finding a map of an epic road trip showing how to visit all of the national parks led to both of us asking, “Is this the best we can do? Is this the best it can be?”

Our collective answer was a resounding NO.

That led us to ask, “What else could be possible for us? How can we change our life so we can answer YES to these questions?”

Over the next several months we open our minds about what could be possible beyond our current situation. We started scouring websites like Workamper News, The Caretaker’s Gazette, and WorkingCouples to see what sorts of jobs (full-time, part-time, seasonal and contract) might be available available.

In April during our annual road trip down to Florida, Bean read out different job descriptions while Yukon drove. One in particular (from WorkingCouples.com) caught Yukon’s attention.

“Read that again,” he said.

That simple act of Yukon listening and noticing put everything into motion.

We agreed to apply for the job. We submitted our bios (they asked for resumes, which made us giggle; being self-employed for over a decade for each of us made the idea of having a resume laughable). Next came a Skype interview. Then we called and spoke to a number of folks who work for this company and ended up meeting one team in the field while we were in Colorado in June for Bean’s nephew’s graduation from the Air Force Academy.

We poked the opportunity from every angle – good and bad – that we could think of.

Finally, we said YES to becoming subcontractors with a company called ID Plans. We’ll be creating “layman’s blueprints” of commercial properties using their proprietary software. This job will take us all over the United States and requires us to have the Class A motorhome.

Making the decision to take this subcontracting job led to many MORE decisions, especially since we didn’t have a Class A motorhome.

Bob the Chevy Tracker (our Toad)We had to sell:

  • our Ram Promaster Van
  • our trusty Subaru
  • an entire contractor’s business worth of tools and supplies
  • two trailers
  • three kayaks
  • one canoe
  • our half dozen pieces of furniture
  • miscellaneous household supplies and items

Bob and GruThen, we purchased a goofy little yellow Chevy ZR2 Tracker to use as our tow car (we call him Bob, our Minion, from the movie Despicable Me) and purchased a 2006 Monaco Cayman Class A motorhome (whom we call Gru, also from the movie Despicable Me).

We also had to tell all of Yukon’s remodeling and contracting clients that he was shutting down. Bean needed to tell her clients that she was still available, but only remotely (via video conferencing or telephone). Most clients took the news well.

The journey of once again changing our lives has been epic and exhausting. And worth it.

Many of the changes we made since last November have also felt “full of ease” (which is different than “easy”).

Little coincidences, synchronicities, and “just in times” happened over and over.

After we lost our parking spot for our 5th wheel camper (our home) late last year, one phone call helped us find the perfect rental. As we were signing papers in December, the landlord offered us a six-month lease, which Yukon has the wisdom to say YES to. When we listed the 5th wheel for sale, within a month someone called and wanted to buy it. “Our camper caught fire and burned to the ground recently. We need a place to live!” That deal was done quickly and easily in May.

From Bean scouring her deleted messages folder and finding the WorkingCouples email to read to Yukon as an example, to locating the exact right motohome in just over six weeks (which we nearly overlooked because the photos really, really didn’t do the motorhome justice), to the used car dealer saying, “Well, I don’t have the truck you’re looking for, but tell me more about why you are being so specific…?” And even to all of the friends who stepped up to purchase a lot of our stuff (we are SO grateful)!

Things have just happened when and how we needed them to happen (even if the “how” looked completely different than we expected…like buying a bright yellow car).

We tell this story in this much detail to share that changing your life isn’t always easy, but when you’re on the right path, it can feel “full of ease.”

And so gentle reader, we ask YOU: do you want to change YOUR life? If so, what’s your first step? Share your story with us – we want to hear from you!


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  • Reply Leslie August 29, 2017 at 7:59 am

    Curious to know why (or why do you think) ID Plans requires specifically a Class A motorhome? Why not a Class C? As you know, Matt and I aren’t ready to do this yet (not out of fear but out of other cool opportunities available now), but we think a Class C would be better for us because we are so tall we don’t share RV beds well. The bunk over the cab is nice and long for Matt (then I get the actual bed with the dogs).

    • Reply Angie Stegall September 4, 2017 at 6:37 pm

      Leslie – honestly, we are not sure and couldn’t get a firm answer. WE think it is because of at least three things (1) a uniform look – most Class A motorhomes look the same; (2) cache – Class A motorhomes are generally pretty nice; and (3) size – you are both living in the rig full-time AND boondocking almost ALL of the time. Having big storage tanks for water/black/grey and propane make a big difference in your comfort. So does having an onboard geni which is much quieter than a stand alone out in a parking lot. That’s just our theory. You could also modify a Class A to have two beds instead of one in the same bedroom. Or make sure you get one with a fold out couch that is long enough. Just some thoughts…

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