Are you ready to get out of overwhelm? Is it time to start making some room in your life for what matters to you most? What about taking the plunge and starting your own business? How about asking better questions?

Angie Stegall’s books offer a host of “action steps” to help you get the most out of life. Check ’em out!


Make some room
This is the story of an epic trip on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon with the Make Some Room Manifesto Angie was inspired to create after she returned.

“This book explores The Make Some Room Manifesto, which encourages us to slow down and nurture ourselves.  Angie explores the truths she learned after a 16-day rafting trip down the Colorado River through Grand Canyon – the truths that we often don’t want to face about how our lifestyle is suffocating our authentic self.  She provides concrete, actionable steps for making space for being ALIVE, for living YOUR dreams.  I invite you to take Angie’s dare to Make Some Room for what matters to you!”  Marsha Cayton, RN, MSN, CPNP, SEE Alternatives, PLLC


Ponder This: How Everday Experiences Deliver Unexpected Insights in Business and LifePonder This: How Everday Experiences Deliver Unexpected Insights in Business and Life

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Ponder This is full of the unexpected and sometimes kooky connections author Angie Mattson Stegall makes about life and business as she’s practicing “being still while moving.” It’s a personal collection of insights from her day-to-day life experiences, whether she’s driving to see clients, hiking for fun and exercise, or rafting 225 miles of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon on an epic adventure.

Although much of this book is focused on the business reader, the ideas and concepts can easily be applied to the reader’s personal life, too.

As you read through the ponderings inside this book, the hope is you will begin paying attention to the small miracles, unexpected coincidences, and lessons life wants to share with you. In other words, this book should give you a lot to ponder, too.




How your disorganization is stealing your time, your attention, and your healthHow Your Disorganization is Stealing Your Time, Your Attention, and Your Health

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Life doesn’t have to be a hamster wheel of chaos, clutter, and overwhelm…It’s time to stop allowing your disorganization to steal your time, your attention, and your health. Instead, imagine being able to get things done efficiently, calmly, and with ease!This book is for you if you work from home, manage a household, are a working professional, or run a small business. Packed with tips, ideas, and How to’s to help you focus on getting organized, getting things done, and bringing sanity back into your life.


Focus on Five: How to organize your five essential business systems (TM)Focus on Five: How to Organize Your Five Essential Business Systems (TM)

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If you are overwhelmed with disorganization in your business, if you know you need systems, and if you’re struggling just to get your calendar and To Do list under control, then Focus on Five: How to Organize Your Five Essential Business Systems ™ is for you!

“Help me get organized!” is the frustrated cry of many small business owners. Put the power of these five simple systems to work in your business. Add in just a few crucial organizational habits for yourself and you’ll quickly discover more time, energy, and success.

And don’t forget – these five essential business systems and organizing techniques combine my experience as a small business coach, productivity consultant, and project workflow expert. These are proven methods used with hundreds of small businesses.